Sanders Pace Work Photos


Client: N/A
Location: Various
Size: 24" x 60"
Completion: Spring 2004

This piece is part of a series of tables exploring the potential of brake press folded sheet steel as a primary construction material.  This table, titled TableTwenty, begins as a single 4'x10' sheet of 11 gauge raw steel, and is cut and folded into a three dimensional frame. This particular piece is twenty percent of a standard sheet size from which a total of four different units will be cut.  All cut patterns are illustrated in a computer file and given to a computer cutting equipped steel shop for production.  90 degree folds are then performed by a brake press.

All tables in this series feature a solid 1-1/2" finished walnut surface, milled to accept milled aluminum standoffs with 1/2" aluminum dowell connections, isolating this finished surface from the steel basebelow.  The walnut top is sanded and finished with danish oil, the aluminum connectors are sanded and waxed, and the steel structure is given a black oxide finish and sealed.

In order to test the proportions and strength of TableTwenty, a full-scale prototype was developed.  The steel base gained a significant amount of strength through the addition of the 4 folds (2 of which are overlapping), while the thick solid walnut top and aluminum standoffs give the table added structural rigidity.  The prototype was labor intensive, as the base and top were routed, milled, cut, and welded by hand.  The goal of the production piece is that the incorporation of new manufacturing technology can significantly reduce the human labor aspect of production costs, just as the efficient design can significantly reduce material cost.